Employee-Led Black History Month Celebration Demonstrates Inclusivity at Lutheran Services Florida

Public relations professionals are used to taking the lead when their organizations communicate important messages internally. But when it came time to celebrate Black History Month this year, the communications team at Lutheran Services Florida took a different approach.

“Typically our communications team and executive leadership plan the content, lead the storytelling and develop and share videos for our virtual events,” said PRSA member Kate Smith and LSF communications manager. “For our Black History Month celebration, employees did all of the planning and hosting, and I was in a supporting role.”

This time employees weren’t just included, they were in charge. LSF honored Black History Month with a virtual celebration that was 100 percent employee-led, with 1,300 employees invited to attend.

The new approach was a hit. The most popular part of the program was a video compilation that played during the celebration. Employees from across the state recorded selfie-style videos answering the question: what do you think people should know about Black history? Employees of different genders, races and nationalities recorded video clips. The resulting video emphasized that Lutheran Services Florida is committed to diversity and inclusion and to promoting a culture where differences are celebrated, and everyone feels included in the organization’s mission.

“This was a powerful example of how helping our employees share their stories had an even greater impact,” added Kate.

So PRSA Tampa Bay members, what do you think people should know about Black history? Feel free to comment here or record your own short selfie-style video and send it to [email protected].

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