Member Spotlight: Danielle Bayard Jackson

This Member Spotlight profiles Danielle Bayard Jackson, founder and lead publicist of TELL Public Relations. She joined PRSA Tampa Bay in 2017 and previously served as chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

  1. First news publication you read in the morning?

I like to begin in my email with newsletters like The Daily Skimm and Marketing Brew. Then I check out The Wall Street Journal.

  1. First public relations job?

I transitioned to public relations after being a high school teacher for six years. I parlayed my education experience to move to a position as the public relations representative for Eckerd Connects, a national nonprofit, for my first job.

With my colleagues at TELL Public Relations in early 2020.

  1. Most important career mentor, and why?

I’ve been blessed to have several mentors along the way, and each one has poured into me encouragement, initiative and a little tough love. Paula MacDonald, APR, co-chair of PRSA Tampa Bay’s Accreditation Committee, was kind enough to sit with me before I began my own agency and give me a few pointers, and I really admire her experience and insights.

  1. Most rewarding accomplishment in public relations?

I witnessed a client’s reputation change from negative to relatively positive as a result of a series of positive news pieces that were published. Before we began working with the client, the client had negative press about its policies and was being accused of neglecting vulnerable groups under its care, but with a bit of strategic planning (including highlighting first-person accounts and feel-good stories from the people it serves), the press became more willing to cover the good things as well. This really spoke to the power of what we do in public relations.

Participating in the panel “The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Digital Brand” at an event called Startup Week Tampa Bay in 2019.  

  1. Biggest challenge of adapting to the COVID-19 lockdown?

I used to be able to separate work life from home life, but now that I’m mostly operating from my living room, I find myself sometimes having client meetings with my 2-year-old in my lap! It was initially uncomfortable, but everyone’s been so understanding.

  1. Advice to new public relations professionals?

The best public relations people are in the know. You must constantly be aware of the latest news, consumer behaviors, industry trends and social movements if you want to remain relevant and effective.

  1. Job you would pursue if you weren’t in public relations?

I’d probably sell vintage clothes or go all in on my side gig as a certified friendship coach (yes, it’s a thing!). I started my coaching business, Friend Forward, in 2019, and the work I do as a friendship coach has even been covered by NBC News!

  1. Favorite movie?

I can’t choose a favorite, but I really like dramas and stories that center around female friendship and platonic love. Now and Then, Girl Interrupted and Waiting to Exhale are a few examples.

With my son, Elijah, and my husband, Ryan, during Thanksgiving last year.

  1. Favorite vacation?

I love New Orleans! But once the pandemic diminishes, I’d like to visit South Africa or Paris.

   10 . Any three dinner guests?

James Baldwin, Michelle Obama and Aziz Ansari.

Celebratory pizza at Oak & Stone in St. Petersburg after landing a new client.



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