President Spotlight: Jenna Stock

1. Please list your job title and company, the number of years you’ve been a member of the chapter, any offices you hold or have held in the chapter, and any professional accreditations you would like to include.

This special Member Spotlight profiles the 2019 PRSA Tampa Bay president, Jenna Stock, who works on the corporate communications team at Raymond James Financial. She joined PRSA Tampa Bay in 2011, was appointed a board member in 2017, and served as the programs chair for several years. She also currently serves as the co-chair of the 2019 Sunshine District Conference planning committee.

2. Reasons you wanted to become PRSA Tampa Bay president?

My exposure to PRSA dates back to my undergraduate years. I served in several leadership positions at the University of Minnesota’s PRSSA chapter. The idea of becoming president was always a lofty goal of mine but I would have never had the confidence or grit to go for it if it wasn’t for the support and encouragement of my mentor, friend and past chapter president Mary Margaret Hull, APR. You can accomplish great things with the support of your network.

3. Major goals for the chapter this year?

Over the past seven months, our strong and mighty team of 20 volunteers have been knee-deep in planning the 2019 Sunshine District Conference, which if you haven’t heard, is an annual conference that attracts hundreds of leading public relations and communications professionals, arming attendees with insights needed to energize their craft and propel their careers forward. This year, we have four exceptional keynotes, 30+ breakout speakers + 22 professional development sessions at an extremely affordable rate. For more information, visit the conference website

In 2019, we’ve also committed to hosting more informal, no or low-cost networking meetups to engage long-time chapter members, new joins, new professionals, students & guests, too! This golden nugget of feedback continues to pop up in our surveys – members want to meet and network with other like-minded professionals in an informal setting. See below for the fun we’ve had so far this year with get-togethers on both sides of the Bay.

Networked into the New Year @ Irish 31 Hyde Park in January

Indulged in Tapas Tuesday @ Ceviche St. Pete in February

Experienced wine tasting and chocolate making @ Pinellas Chocolate Factory in March

Enjoyed live jazz music and good company @ the new L Bar in Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

4. Biggest chapter events on the horizon that everyone should keep on their radar?

Our three biggest events of 2019 will take place during the second half of the year:

5. Most rewarding moment as an officer for PRSA Tampa Bay so far?

This year has been by far the most rewarding – albeit a significant investment of my time and energy, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I have a deeper understanding of the chapter and the many moving parts, forged deeper relationships with our leadership team and members, and have a deeper love for PRSA and the incredible impact it has had on my life.

6. First news publication you read in the morning?

Does Instagram count? (Just kidding.) Hopefully others can relate. I have five dependable dailies that I read every morning. Strategically delivered to my inbox in the wee hours of the morning, they are quick and informative reads to help prepare me for the day. In case you’re interested, I’ve listed them below in no particular order:

  1. Harvard Business Review Daily Alert and Management Tip of the Day
  2. Morning Brew
  3. Investopedia Term of the Day
  4. theSkimm
  5. HuffPost Morning Email

7. First public relations job?

Following graduation, I moved from Minnesota to St. Petersburg and landed a gig at Busch Gardens in the PR department. Nothing like doing PR and media relations for new attraction openings and events like Howl-O-Scream. Technically it was a year and a half internship, but I was ½ of the 2 ½ person PR team.

8. Most important career mentor?

Nancy Vaughn – she was my go-to for life advice, coaching and support during a transformational point in my early career. I admire her passion, tenacity and heart, not to mention she's the energizer bunny in human form (how does she do it all?!). While we haven’t kept in touch recently as much as I’d like, after writing this, I’m going to shoot her an email to meet for coffee. Building and maintaining relationships is key in this profession.

9. Top grammar, style or writing pet peeve?

Typos, period. I proofread restaurant menus, billboards, social media posts, you name it. I find joy in discovering errors. Anyone else?

10. Job you would pursue if you weren’t in public relations?

Like many J-school graduates, I wanted to pursue broadcast journalism. I’ve also always wanted to work as an editor at a powerhouse magazine publisher. There’s still time…

11. Favorite movie?

Elf – I can watch it all year round. I’m a sucker for holiday movies…and Will Ferrell.

12. Favorite vacation?

Most recently my sister and I went on a two-week European vacation. I’ll sum up the fun in five bullets:

  • Attended a Beating Retreat ceremony in London where Kate Middleton was the guest of honor
  • Spiced up our lives at the Spice Girls concert in Edinburgh
  • Watched my beautiful friends (the bride is a PRSA member) make their love official in Viterbo, Italy
  • Enjoyed three very different cultures, cuisines and climates
  • Indulged in wine, carbonara, bruschetta, pasta making...and more wine. 

Probably my favorite thing of all was navigating these cities with my sister, challenging myself (hello, language barrier), getting out of my comfort zone, soaking up the culture/history and being present as much as possible.



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