The real value in attending PRSA Sunshine District Conference 2019

By: Curtis Krueger, APR

The 2019 PRSA Sunshine District Conference may be the least expensive three-day professional conference you can find this year — but that is definitely not the reason for you to attend.

The more important reason is that PRSA SunCon is almost surely the best value of any public relations conference.

The difference is not the low price tag, the difference is that the low price tag gets you so much. With the conference in Tampa on July 25-27, you won’t need a plane ticket and might not need a hotel. The cost is just $375 for members or $450 for non-members through July 19. It’s $150 for students.

For that you get:

  • Four keynote speakers, including the national PRSA president
  • Social media know-how, with sessions on the age of “sensory journalism” and how to supercharge your social strategy.
  • A session to learn networking, and the opportunity to actually do networking with PR professionals from all over Florida.
  • The opportunity to add basic new skills, with sessions such as “40-Minute Film School,”  and “A Speechwriter’s Secrets to Inspiring Audiences.”
  • The chance to focus on big-picture issues such as diversity, stress and technological change.
  • And besides all that, you don’t want to skip a conference that includes a session on “Lizards, Mind Control and James Brown” do you?

 If you’re still mulling it over, look over the conference schedule. If you look around the country, you’ll find many other excellent PR conferences this year. But it’s hard to believe you’ll find a better deal.

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