Team Returns to Met. Min. to Help Job Seekers

By Joseph Priest, APR

PRSA Tampa Bay has done it again. On Aug. 27, the Public Service Committee returned to Metropolitan Ministries for a second résumé-review and job-search counseling session to help disadvantaged job seekers in the nonprofit’s life skills program. The session follows a first visit we made in May.

Our team: (from left) Joseph Priest, Kate Barth, Ginain Grayes, Karen McAllister; Olivia Keegan, Luis Reyes and Noel Ramos, Director of Employment Services for Metropolitan Ministries.

The life skills program provides a range of life-management and career-building services to help people in critical economic need. These services include one that takes in people for a period of six to nine months during which they live at residence halls on Metropolitan Ministries’ main office and attend a series of workshops and activities to help them reset their life and prepare for a new future.  

Our team took part in one of these workshops to help about 10 economically disadvantaged job seekers who were looking to rebuild their communication skills in order to restart their careers.

Kate Barth (left) shares her tips.

Olivia Keegan (next to screen) offers her counsel.


Six chapter members and guests participated:

  • Kate Barth.
  • Ginain Grayes.
  • Olivia Keegan.
  • Karen McAllister.
  • Joseph Priest.
  • Luis Reyes.

Our session consisted of presentations from each team member on our top writing and job-search tips; an on-site review of all résumés on areas such as neatness, organization, and effectiveness; and one-on-one meetings with the job seekers to share our feedback and provide advice on their job-search strategies.


The volunteers complete an on-the-spot review of the résumés.

One-on-one sessions formed the final part of our team’s visit.

Although we only had a little more than an hour, our team had a productive visit. We were able to offer high-level communication advice to job seekers that don’t normally have access to this kind of counsel.

Here are our team members’ impressions on what they found to be the most rewarding part of their experience:

“Witnessing the spirit of hope. No one would be where they are today without the effort from others.”

-- Kate Barth

“Interacting with the residents and sharing knowledge that they may have found helpful in their job search was by far the most rewarding part of the event. It warms my heart to think our group could have helped the job seekers land their next dream job, which is the goal.”

-- Olivia Keegan

“The most rewarding part was the individual time I was able to have to connect with participants and listen to their experiences and goals. Sharing my tips and lessons I've learned in my professional journey made me realize how much I enjoy coaching and helping others better themselves and their situations.” 

-- Ginain Grayes

"I appreciated hearing about the residents' goals. They all had varied work experience and a great desire to work and contribute their talents to the Tampa Bay community. I hope they are all able to find ways to make that happen."

-- Karen McAllister

“Equally as rewarding as having individual meetings with the job seekers was witnessing my team members share their individual expertise and demonstrate their passion to serve our profession. I’m fortunate to be able to have them as my colleagues.”

-- Joseph Priest

The Public Service Committee is planning to build on this session with similar events later this year. Stay tuned for more details on these here on the PRSA Tampa Bay website.

Olivia Keegan (left) and Luis Reyes (second from right) meet with job seekers.

Kate Barth (right) goes over a résumé.


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