Do You Want to Join the PRSA Tampa Bay Board?

Annual elections for officers and board members for the PRSA Tampa Bay Chapter to serve during 2016 will occur electronically in mid-November. Getting involved in the chapter’s leadership helps members build valuable business relationships, hone special skill sets and position themselves as leaders in the industry and community. Remember, we are a volunteer-led organization and your service to our chapter is important.

Here are the elected positions available in 2016:

The President-Elect shall, in the absence of or disability of the President, exercise the powers and perform the duties of the President. Election as President-Elect requires that the person must have served at least one year in another position on the Board of Directors. He/She shall also serve as the Chapter's Parliamentarian, assist the President and perform such other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.

The Secretary shall keep records of all meetings of the Board of Directors, send copies of such minutes to Society Headquarters, handle assigned Board correspondence and maintain Board correspondence files, and perform all other duties customarily pertaining to the office.

Treasurer: (Two-year term)

The Treasurer shall receive and deposit all Chapter funds in the name of the Chapter in a federally insured financial institution. He/She shall issue receipts and make authorized disbursements after proper Board approval in accordance with Chapter fiscal policies, prepare the Chapter's budget, make regular financial reports to the Board, render an annual financial statement to Chapter members through the Chapter website or another medium, handle new Member billings as directed by the Membership Committee chairperson, and perform all other duties pertaining to the office.

Assembly Delegate: (1 position available)

The Assembly Delegate shall be Accredited and serve as the Chapter's representativeat the meeting of the PRSA Assembly, and shall be elected by the Chapter membership for a three year term in accordance with the provisions of the Society's Bylaws. To be eligible for service as an Assembly Delegate, a Member must have served a minimum of one year as a Chapter Officer or Board Member. No Chapter delegate having served a full three year term may be elected to a succeeding full term.

Director: (2 positions available)

Directors shall be elected each year by the Chapter membership at the Chapter's annual meeting to fill vacancies. Elected Directors shall serve a three year term beginning January 1 following their election and until his/her successor is elected and takes office.

The Nominating Committee, according to the Chapter’s Bylaws, will prepare a slate of candidates (minimum of one, maximum of three) for all available offices. To do this, we strongly encourage everyone in the chapter to complete our Willingness to Serve form, noting in which capacities you would be willing to serve the chapter next year. Your service is not limited to elected positions. We are asking you to select what committees you may be interested in chairing or becoming a member.

We also encourage members to nominate other members from the chapter. To nominate a member for an elected position, please enter his or her name under the appropriate position. You can nominate more than one person for each position, but please check with prospective nominees before you submit their names.

We are asking that everyone complete the Willingness to Serve form by Thursday, Sept. 10. If you have any questions, please email[email protected]

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