PRSA ICON: Ready. Set. Grow!

By Mary B. Haban, APR

After three action-packed days of professional development, networking and sharing ideas, the 2017 PRSA International Conference is a wrap. From data measurement to storytelling, strategic planning to social media, this year’s lineup of programming did not disappoint. In fact, there were so many amazing sessions to choose from, deciding which one to attend became my biggest challenge.

Digital Marketing Strategist and New York Times best-selling author Jay Baer provided the final keynote address, which included the top ways we can create exceptional customer experiences. His presentation on what he calls Talk Triggers showcased prime examples of how some of the biggest brands in the world are succeeding by engaging with customers in unique ways.


Some key takeaways from Jay’s presentation can be found on PRSA Tampa Bay’s Twitter page. And Jay’s latest book Hug Your Haters provides ever more ways to deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Another noteworthy session was “The New Creative Process and What it Means for PR.” Top tips from this presentation included:

  •        For PR, creativity is the real currency.
  •        Ground your campaigns in authenticity.
  •        Creativity is about storm mining; discovering what makes a brand besides the logo.
  •        More organizations are open to the big idea coming from PR.
  •        We need to open to the creative process happening in different ways.
  •        The most overlooked members on your team are the researchers.
  •        Culture is so important to creativity.

Though my time in Boston may be winding down, I’m not ready to slow down. In fact, I’m already gearing up to apply what I’ve learned at this year’s conference to become even better at what I do. And when the 2018 PRSA Conference heads to Austin, you can be sure thousands of other public relations practitioners from across the country, will do the same.

 You can find Mary's recap of Day One here, and Day Two here

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