USF PRSSA Gets Top-Notch Advice at Résumé Review

By Matthew Corrado, Vice President, USF PRSSA

For the last few years, the USF PRSSA and PRSA Tampa Bay résumé review workshop has been one of the most popular events with the members of our PRSSA chapter, and our second such workshop this year was no exception. The event was hosted on Oct. 11 at USF’s Marshall Student Center, and, as usual, we had a great turnout by both groups.

Our chapter is made up of students ranging from freshmen to seniors. Some students have had time and previous feedback to use to hone their résumés, but many underclass members have not. This event, however, offered a valuable opportunity for both new and old PR majors to do this, because a résumé is something that can always be improved upon, and this is something that we students always take away from the event.

The résumé review was designed the same way as the review session that we held in spring semester of this year. Our members sent out their résumés for judging one week in advance to allow busy professionals ample time to print them, review them and make notes about them. On the evening of the event, the judges brought these copies and met in person with each of the students of their assigned résumés, and all together the judges spent over an hour giving direct feedback on everyone’s résumés.

The event included 12 judging volunteers from a wide range of public relations roles and industries. They offered multiple experiences and perspectives that provided us invaluable feedback. On top of that, they offered great new connections for all of us PRSSA members looking to get started in the business.

A huge thank-you goes to these 12 judging volunteers:

  • Taylor Brown
  • Shani Bryant
  • Joelle Castelli
  • Vanessa Castrogiovanni
  • Nancy Gay, APR
  • Mary Haban, APR
  • Kirk Hazlett, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Jason Medina
  • Joseph Priest, APR
  • Lou Ricca
  • Edie Rosenthal, Ph.D.
  • Wes Strickland

This truly is an event that students can go to every semester and take away something new from each time. As students, we should always be striving to gain experience in the field and making connections, but rarely do we have an opportunity like this, where so many experienced public relations professionals gather in one place and have a commitment to help us with our next career steps. Even when we think our résumé is perfect, there is always something that these skilled professionals can help us with to make them better.

Ultimately, while this event only lasted about an hour, the contribution it made to the future of our careers is almost incalculable. Thank you, PRSA Tampa Bay.

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