How to Target a Gen Z Audience with Snapchat

By Hannah Hull

The current world of teenage interaction through Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram and other social media apps can seem mind-boggling to someone outside the culture. Trends cycle through popularity at the same speed Generation Z consumes content: the speed of light. However, marketing to young adults is actually easy because of the advertising options social media companies offer.

After deciding teenagers and young adults are the target audience for your company, it becomes a question of which social network is right for you. Instagram and Twitter are viable options, but more than double the price of a Snapchat advertisement per thousand views. The logistics of advertising on Snapchat are also easier than most other large social media options.  This makes Snapchat one of the most cost-effective social media apps for your company to explore.

If you do choose Snapchat, your company’s first decision will be whether to choose a geofilter or snap ad. Geofilters are best for promoting events happening in the area or highlighting special events. They can be created on a mobile device in-app with step-by-step, easy to follow instructions. First, you select a Snapchat template or submit your own design. Then you add text along with your company name, and you’re done! The price for a geofilter is based on how large of an area you would like to broadcast your filter, along with how long you would like it to appear in-app. The longer the geofilter is available to Snapchatters, the more opportunity there is for users to tag it in photos and spread the word.


Example of Geofilter on Snapchat

Snap ads are a more viable option for companies seeking worldwide engagements with a younger audience at any time they choose. Using Snapchat’s business helper Snapchat Ads Manager, it has never been easier to input your photo advertisement into the database, keep track of engagements, and refill your ad credit entirely online. The website walks you through exactly how to publish advertisements and gives very clear parameters and expectations of exactly what their company will be providing your business. Within the snap ads, your company can embed a link so engagers can swipe up to access your website or product.

Example of a Snap ad

If your target audience is Gen Z, then Snapchat can be one of your company’s best tools for eye-catching advertisements. Adapting to the ever-changing social media environment is a must, so experiment with Snapchat to increase awareness of your campaign. 

Hannah Hull is a member of PRSSA and FPRA’s Florida State University chapter studying at FSU campuses in Spain and Italy for a year.


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