Member Spotlight: Colin Trethewey, APR

This Member Spotlight profiles Colin Trethewey, APR, co-founder and principal of the public relations firm PRmediaNow. He joined PRSA Tampa Bay in 2010, currently serves as co-chair of the Awards Committee, and has served as a member of this committee for several years.

  1. First news publication you read in the morning?

Using my mobile apps, CNN and CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). I was born in Ottawa and worked as a TV news reporter for 12 years before moving to Tampa in 2007.

  1. First public relations job?

Leading media relations for a “virtual world” website for a Montreal tech startup, in 2006. The site was similar to Second Life, which was big at the time.

  1. Most important career mentor, and why?

Michael Smart, who runs his own firm, Michael Smart PR, and a coaching and training program, Smart PR Inner Circle, and taught me some valuable media relations tips early in my career in his seminars and coaching sessions. Michael is a proponent of always being aware how you can adapt and expand your offerings to better serve clients as technologies and media platforms evolve.

  1. Most rewarding accomplishment in public relations?

Helping clients succeed with product launches and winning several PRSA Tampa Bay PRestige Awards and PRSA Sunshine District Radiance Awards for those campaigns. Last year we received a few chuckles for our Radiance Award in the category of media relations tactics that we won for Peejamas, a successful crowdfunding campaign with the slogan “look good peeing the bed.”

At our chapter’s 2017 PRestige Awards ceremony, where my firm was honored to take home awards in the categories of media relations and media kits.

  1. Biggest challenge of adapting to the COVID-19 lockdown this year?

Helping clients that are in the mindset of launching products at in-person events to shift their thinking to take advantage of video conferencing forums and Facebook Live interviews. In addition to being essential to use during a period of lockdown, these new platforms offer a wealth of new capabilities and benefits for companies to share their news with their customers and stakeholders in new and compelling ways.

  1. Advice to new public relations professionals?

Join PRSA and immerse yourself in professional development and share your training accomplishments on LinkedIn. Nothing impresses a prospective employer more than someone who makes an effort to master the craft.

With my wife, Cyndi, having fun beside a cutout of the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, at Amalie Arena during the annual Tampa Bay Canada Day celebration, on July 1, 2019.

  1. Job you would pursue if you weren’t in public relations?

Working on a wildlife reserve to protect endangered species. I love all animals, but I would focus on cheetahs, because they are critically endangered and having a particularly difficult time with the loss of habitat and territory they need to hunt and breed.

  1. Favorite movie?

Lawrence of Arabia, with Gandhi a close second. Both movies are as profoundly relevant today as the original historical events they depict and should be mandatory viewing for all aspiring politicians before they take office. 

  1. Favorite vacation?

A safari in South Africa last year at Zulu Nyala Game Lodge, where we experienced lions walking within a few feet of our vehicle after being chased away by rhinos. Here’s the video I shot of the exhilarating moment.

On safari in South Africa with my wife, Cyndi, and our ranger, James.

One of my favorite safari pics, with three zebras and three giraffes sharing a water hole.

  1. Any three dinner guests?

Jane Goodall, Bill Gates and my dad, John Trethewey, who always kept things fun and lively at dinner parties.


I’ve played hockey since age 4 and continue to play in the Brandon Ice Sports Forum league. Once a year we get a chance to play an exhibition game at Amalie Arena. This is us in the dressing room.

And here we are at center ice at Amalie.

One more hockey photo, showing my team at the Brandon Ice Sports Forum after winning the 2019 Keg Cup in the over-35 league!

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