Moffitt Cancer Center Shares Tips on Becoming an Inclusive Brand

By Tanasia A. Reed, Florida A&M University Chapter of PRSSA, B2 Communications PR Intern

(pictured: Senior director of Moffitt Diversity, Cathy Grant, discussing the success of Moffitt’s Courage campaign via Zoom)

PRSA Tampa Bay recently hosted two senior leaders from Moffitt Cancer Center who shared “Moffitt’s Journey of Courage,” a successful campaign that has focused on diversity, inclusion, and fairness.

Here are some key takeaways from the presentation by Cathy Grant, senior director of the Moffitt Diversity Team, and Josh Adkins, senior director of brand strategy and marketing.

  1. Value Diversity: Redefining the core values of your brand to include diversity through strategic and long-term plans can improve your messaging. Through creative media, you are able to express these diverse values and customize them for targeted audiences.
  2. Diverse Perspectives: It is important to have a diverse group of people making decisions with access to more opportunities and a fair-minded work environment. In Moffitt’s case, almost 100 percent of the organization’s leaders completed diversity and inclusion training and 49 percent of executive positions are filled by women and 24 percent by minorities.
  3. Diversity Training: This is a major step in educating all representatives of the brand to identify and eliminate unconscious bias in company communications.
  4. In-depth Research: Being able to find and address inequalities, differences, and biases between your communication strategies and your audience will help you achieve accurate representation in mass media content. Moffitt understands the disparities that exist between different races and ethnicities when it comes to cancer health, which helps them accurately tailor their media content to specific audiences.
  5. Supportive Leadership: Support from leadership helps communication teams effectively represent an organization as an inclusive brand. Innovative leaders understand that change and providing a sense of belonging are necessary at all levels of an organization.
  6. Commit to Diversity: Every organization has to start somewhere in order to become an inclusive brand. Meeting recurring and long-term goals through increased efforts to master diversity, inclusion, and equity takes time.

Moffitt’s journey of courage not only describes Moffitt's tireless efforts to be a diverse and inclusive brand, but it inspires anyone who hears their story to be brave enough to make a difference in their own spaces. As an aspiring communications professional who is a queer Black woman, I found myself hoping to work for a company like Moffitt or becoming one of the trailblazers to lead another company or organization in this diversity-driven direction.

While upholding their mission of providing preventative and healing resources through cancer care, Moffitt’s award-winning Courage Campaign was designed to translate the brand’s story. This advertising campaign is centered around “Community of Courage,” which are shared stories from a group of diverse patients, caregivers, and researchers. Click this link to view dozens of diverse and heart-tugging stories!

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