Serves with the incoming President-elect in the upcoming calendar year and as the chapter President following. The President-Elect shall, in the absence of or disability of the President, exercise the powers and perform the duties of the President. Election as President-Elect requires that the person must have served at least one (1) year in another position on the Board of Directors. He/She shall also serve as the Chapter's Parliamentarian, assist the President and perform such other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors. In the event a President-Elect dies, resigns or otherwise leaves Chapter membership during his/her term, the following procedure will be followed. If this event occurs before the year's annual meeting, the standing Nominating Committee will additionally submit nominees of the office of President for election at the annual meeting. If this event occurs after the annual meeting but before January 1, the President-Elect for the following year will instead serve as Chapter President; an alternate President-Elect will be named by the Board of Directors with input from the standing Nominating Committee.

One-year term (two-year voluntary term is encouraged). The Treasurer shall receive and deposit all Chapter funds in the name of the Chapter in a federally-insured financial institution. Issue receipts and make authorized disbursements after proper Board approval in accordance with Chapter fiscal policies, prepare the Chapter's budget, works with bookkeeper to make regular financial reports to the Board, render an annual financial statement to Chapter members through the Chapter website or handles new Member billings as directed by the Membership Committee chairperson/career posting revenue, and performs all other duties pertaining to the office.



One-year term. The Secretary keeps records of all meetings of the Board of Directors, send copies of such minutes to the Board, handles assigned Board correspondence and uploads Board correspondence files to the Cloud, and perform all other duties customarily pertaining to the office.

Board Member
Board members serve a three-year term. Serve as overseer of a volunteer committee working closely with the committee chair and report committee's activies to the board. Board members must attend 6 of 11 in-person or conference call board meetings. Failure to do so will result in removal from board post.


Assembly Delegate
Assembly Delegate represents the Tampa Bay Chapter to the National PRSA Board. Delegates are able to vote on national legislation on behalf of the chapter with full knowledge and consent of board. It is understood that Delegates keep the board informed of news and developments from National PRSA.


Committee Chairs

Committee Chair works with committee their volunteers to plan, implement and maintain their committee. The Chair works closely with the Board Member who oversees this committee, as well as the Executive Committee. Chairs often work their way to a board leadership position.


Chairs Include:


  • Membership
  • Programs
  • Student Programs/Scholarships
  • Awards Committee
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Digital Communications
  • Public Service
  • Agency Leaders
  • Accredidation (APR)
  • Diversity Committee


Membership Chair(s):

Oversees member management and member retention works closely with volunteer chair to ensure members. Membership committee is divided into two sections. Welcoming new members via e-mail or phone and keeping track of current member roster reports. The second section works on member retention providing worthwhile opportunities and resources to current members. Membership chair should ensure there is a representative at every chapter event to welcome new and current members.


Programs Chairs:

Tampa Bay Chapter has monthly professional development programs. Program chairs are divided into two sections Programs Logistics and Program Development. Program chairs have committee volunteers to help with planning, operations, and implementation of the event.


Student Programs/Scholarship

Serves as liaison between participating between PRSSA chair, faculty adviser and PRSA Tampa Bay scholarship opportunities. Committee reviews and awards two available scholarships and works with student winners to get them involved in volunteering with PRSA Tampa Bay. This committee will also organize membership only conference scholarships.

Volunteer Coordinator

Helps to match the skills and strengths of member volunteers to the needs of committees, programs and special events. Volunteers gain new experiences and in-depth knowledge of  the organization, project and program management. Meets new people and positively represent the chapter. Work closely with member manager to contact new members and potential volunteers.


Diversity Committee

Helps improve job and career development opportunities for practitioners of multicultural heritage, LGBT community, and people with disabilities. We also want to educate the profession on the need for and importance of diversity in our ranks.


Digital Communications Committee

Digital Communications Chair oversees social media, e-mail, video/photography, and web volunteers combine event and chapter news promotion with newsworthy items that engage members. Producing a monthly social media calendar and working together with video, email, website and promotions volunteers to ensure members recieve chapter events and industry news in a timely manner.

Financial Committee-Treasurer

Gains experience working and managing budgets. The financial Committee works conjunction with elected Treasurer to manage budget items: program budget, expenses, and revenue. Train under treasurer to potentially succeed as incoming treasurer.