Goodwill Fund Application

PRSA Tampa Bay is offering to waive Chapter fees for members who may not qualify for National's Hardship fund but are experiencing financial discomfort. To participate, please fill out this Goodwill Fund application.


  1. The Goodwill fund is available to anyone who has been a member of PRSA Tampa Bay for over a year.
  2. Members who recently lapsed and who meet these criteria may apply for the plan. 
  3. Members who recently renewed at the full dues rate and who meet these criteria may request a refund of $50. 
  4. Temporarily disabled members, including those on maternity leave, or those unable to work to care for a loved one, also are eligible for the plan provided they meet the terms of service stated in #1. 
  5. National dues must be paid in full to qualify for this waiver.
  6. This is a one-time offer of one year duration — meaning, an individual may only apply to have their chapter dues waived under the goodwill fund program once over their lifetime. 
  7. Members who renew with the Goodwill Fund will still receive all PRSA member benefits. 
  8. To apply for the Goodwill Fund, members must complete and sign the application below.
  9. If approved for this waiver, member agrees to volunteer with the chapter on a committee. 

  Digital Communications
  Assistant Treasurer
  Diversity and Inclusion
  Independent Practitioners
  Media Roundtable
  Professional Development Day
  Public Service
  PRSSA/New Professionals