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Back-to-School Professional Development Series: Five Sessions Package

September 22, 2020 12:00 AM to October 01, 2020 12:00 AM

PRSA Tampa Bay Zoom meeting

Our world is constantly changing  — something this year has clearly reminded us —  and as kids go back to school, virtually or in person, so can we. As communications professionals, we have a plethora of information and skills we must maintain to stay sharp. Our Back-to-School professional development series offers exactly that.

In light of the need to stay safe and socially distanced, what was a single professional development day has morphed into a virtual two-week-long education series. Pick the sessions that appeal to you, or bundle them all for a break in price.

We’ll open each session up 15 minutes early for networking. Join early, meet your colleagues and maybe win a prize!

Using the registration button for this event will sign you up for the entire series - all five sessions. To sign up for individual, a la carte sessions, click the title links below or visit the separate event pages. 

Package (all five sessions)
Member - $60 (save $15)
Student - $40 (save $10)
Non-member - $100 (that’s one session free!)

Individual Sessions (a la carte)
Member - $15
Student - $10
Non-member- $25

To register for individual sessions, click titles below or visit each individual session event. 

Personal Branding
Tuesday, Sept. 22, 4-5 PM

COVID19 has created new challenges and opportunities for public relations professionals as they navigate the new normal, especially when it comes to industry expectations on personal branding. This presentation will discuss the new marketable skills needed to be successful in the PR industry moving forward and new best practices in personal branding.

Karen Freberg, Ph.D., is an associate professor in strategic communications at the University of Louisville, where she teaches, researches, and consults in social media strategy, public relations, and crisis communication. An author of several books, her latest,  Discovering Public Relations: An Introduction to Creative and Strategic Practices just came out in last month.

Freberg also has worked on several consulting opportunities with General Motors, adidas, Adobe, HubSpot, The Breeders’ Cup, DHS, CDC, Hootsuite, Colorado Ski Association, and Firestorm Solutions. She excels in forming best practices for social media and influencer marketing. 

Media Training
Thursday, Sept. 24, 9-10 AM

Are you trying to help your senior executives improve their media interviews? Joel Staley shares with you when they need training, how to convince them they need it, and what elements and best practices should be part of every media training. He also coaches you on how to share constructive criticism with the leaders you train, whose egos can sometimes be more fragile than one might think. Prepare for an interactive session with plenty of Q&A time.

Joel Staley is a multilingual public relations professional with over 20 years of experience. He is an expert in training spokespersons to deliver effective interviews and presentations. Staley has worked with domestic companies like Shell Oil Company and GE, as well as global companies like Dove and MTV Newsworks Latin America. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts in public relations and is a 2016 PRSA Florida Radiance Award winner for crisis communications.

Writing for Your Audience & Platform
Tuesday, Sept. 29, 3:30-5 PM

Does your writing style match your audience and platform? With so many avenues to deliver information, one size definitely does not fit all. This back-to-basics session will help you understand the subtleties of your audience and the nuances of different media.

Sonali Kudva, Ph.D., is a former full-time journalist and editor from India. She has work experience with the Times of India and Sakaal Times, as well as a web-based magazine by and for South Asian women. An “accidental academic,” Kudva is an interdisciplinary researcher in journalism, information science, film and pop culture. She co-authored “Ebooks vs. Print Books: Readers’ choices and preferences across contexts,” which continues to be widely cited.

Swift Content Growth
Wednesday, Sept. 30, 1
2-1 PM

In today’s instant digital world, brands have huge opportunities to respond to trending topics in popular culture. From viral meme challenges, to jaw-dropping sports moments, or live TV reactions, swiftly jumping in on current conversation can create tons of organic blog traffic and brand awareness. This idea is called newsjacking, and it can work wonders for your brand. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to newsjack. This session will teach you how to effectively monitor trends and cultural moments, boost engagement with your ideal audience, and help you understand when NOT to post.

Brianne Fleming owns a consultancy and brand development agency called Twelve Stories up where she helps brands elevate their content marketing and strategy. She has over a decade of experience in corporate marketing and brand management. Brianne has spent most of her career focusing on fitness and wellness brands, including Orangetheory Fitness. She has a bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations and a master’s degree in mass communication. Fleming teaches lead generation, advertising, social media, and branding for the University of Florida. She is a professional in understanding and utilizing social trends and pop culture to grow brands’ social presence.

The Importance of Online Reputation, SEO and Wikipedia
Thursday, Oct. 1, 12-1 PM

Wikipedia is now more integral to brand awareness than ever. With the removal of right side ads from Google, Wikipedia takes up more space on branded search results. You can practically count on the fact that people researching your brand will make at least one stop at Wikipedia to see what’s what. Don’t abandon this potential resource. Make sure Wikipedia is part of your communications plan and give people the best impression of your company.

Josh Greene is the CEO of The Mather Group, a digital agency that helps companies manage search engine optimization and Wikipedia content. He has spoken at several PRSA events and has appeared in podcasts for Spiral Marketing and The Creative Marketing Zone. Before working with The Mather Group, Greene was the VP of Marketing for Discovery Channel Stores, Time Warner Cable and other companies.