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Writing for Your Audience and Platform: Back-to-School Professional Development Series Session

September 29, 2020
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

PRSA Tampa Bay Zoom meeting

Our world is constantly changing — something this year has clearly reminded us — and as kids go back to school, virtually or in person, so can we. As communications professionals, we have a plethora of information and skills we must maintain to stay sharp. Our Back-to-School Professional Development Series offers exactly that.

In light of the need to stay safe and socially distanced, what was a single professional development day has morphed into a virtual two-week-long education series. Pick the sessions that appeal to you or bundle them all for a break in price.

We’ll open each session up 15 minutes early for networking. Join early, meet your colleagues and maybe win a prize!

Using the registration button for this event will only sign you up for this session - a la carte. To sign up for all five sessions, please click here. 

Member - $15
Student - $10
Non-member - $25

Writing for Your Audience and Platform session with Sonali Kudva, Ph.D

Does your writing style match your audience and platform? With so many avenues to deliver information, one size definitely does not fit all. This back-to-basics session will help you understand the subtleties of your audience and the nuances of different media.

Sonali Kudva, Ph.D.,
is a former full-time journalist and editor from India. She has work experience with the Times of India and Sakaal Times, as well as a web-based magazine by and for South Asian women. An “accidental academic,” Kudva is an interdisciplinary researcher in journalism, information science, film and pop culture. She co-authored “Ebooks vs. Print Books: Readers’ choices and preferences across contexts,” which continues to be widely cited.