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The Importance of Online Reputation, SEO and Wikipedia: Back-to-School Professional Development Series Session

October 01, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

PRSA Tampa Bay Zoom meeting

Our world is constantly changing — something this year has clearly reminded us — and as kids go back to school, virtually or in person, so can we. As communications professionals, we have a plethora of information and skills we must maintain to stay sharp. Our Back-to-School Professional Development Series offers exactly that.

In light of the need to stay safe and socially distanced, what was a single professional development day has morphed into a virtual two-week-long education series. Pick the sessions that appeal to you or bundle them all for a break in price.

We’ll open each session up 15 minutes early for networking. Join early, meet your colleagues and maybe win a prize!

Using the registration button for this event will only sign you up for this session - a la carte. To sign up for all five sessions, please click here. 

Member - $15
Student - $10
Non-member - $25

The Importance of Online Reputation, SEO and Wikipedia session with Josh Greene

Wikipedia is now more integral to brand awareness than ever. With the removal of right side ads from Google, Wikipedia takes up more space on branded search results. You can practically count on the fact that people researching your brand will make at least one stop at Wikipedia to see what’s what. Don’t abandon this potential resource. Make sure Wikipedia is part of your communications plan and give people the best impression of your company.

Josh Greene
is the CEO of The Mather Group, a digital agency that helps companies manage search engine optimization and Wikipedia content. He has spoken at several PRSA events and has appeared in podcasts for Spiral Marketing and The Creative Marketing Zone. Before working with The Mather Group, Greene was the VP of Marketing for Discovery Channel Stores, Time Warner Cable and other companies.