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Free Webinar: "Assessing the Communication Department’s Infrastructure"

September 20, 2012
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Have you taken advantage of the FREE webinars that are available as a result of your PRSA membership? Join the Tampa Bay chapter as we participate in PRSA's Sept. 20 webinar, "Assessing the Communication Department’s Infrastructure" - as a group!

This webinar will provide examples of how different communication departments have measured:

- The proportion of time spent at different job levels in different ways, including being proactive/reactive, strategic/tactical and audience-focused/administrative.

- The proportion of staff time and budget focused on different stakeholder groups compared to how important executives believe each of those groups are to the organization’s success.

- The match-up between ideal skills needed for different positions and the skill sets of current staff.

- How executives evaluate the communication department’s ability to fulfill their expectations.

- Benchmarking with other companies to compare aspects of the function, such as structure, titles, reporting relationships, activities performed in-house versus outsourced, staffing levels, budget, etc.

Live-Tweeting with @PRSATampaBay

During the webinar, @PRSATampaBay will tweet the afternoon away while listening to @sinickasa, the webinar's instructor. Please join in the conversation by using #prdpt.


To learn more about this webinar and to register, please click here. Please note: You must login to your PRSA National account to register for this webinar. 

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